Soft Materials and Interfaces at UK


Congrats to Krishnaroop for his paper in Soft Matter!

Krishnaroop publishes his first paper from the group on how liquid drops wet soft, uncrosslinked surfaces at elevated temperatures. The wetting ridge growth and profile are describe by polymer dynamics and time-dependent moduli measured by shear rheology. Get it here!


Congrats Dr. Glover!

Congrats to Dr. Justin Glover for successfully defending his dissertation! We are sad to see you go, but we wish you the best as you start your new career at Solvay! Keep in touch!


Congrats Dan for his paper in Journal of Applied Polymer Science

Dan publishes his paper on mechanical and adhesive characterization of commonly used commercial silicone elastomers. Get it here!


Lukas visits our group

Lukas Hauer visits our group from Germany for a short collaborative effort, February to the first of April. Welcome Lukas! 


Congrats to Zhuoyun for her paper in ACS Applied Polymer Materials!

Zhuoyun's efforts focused on how swelling, crosslinking, and aging are related to the ability for a drop to slide on a low modulus, swollen surface. Get it here!


Kyujin joins our team

Kyujin joins our group as a Chemical Engineering graduate student from Korea -- welcome to Lexington!


Rahat joins the group

Rahat joins our group as a graduate student in MSE from Bangladesh -- welcome to Lexington!


Undergraduates Matt and Josh join

Matt Edgar and Josh Jose join us for the semseter. Both are undergraduates in Chemical Engineering here at UK. Looking forward to the semseter!


Congrats to Dan for his new paper in Advanced Materials Interfaces!

Dans's article, in collaboration with Erica Lai and Niels Holten-Andersen, investigates the relationship between bonding modes and adhesion of mussel-inspired hydrogels. Get it here.


Winnie joins us for a summer REU

We're excited to have Winnie Huang is join us from Stanford for a summer REU --- welcome to Lexington!